Diet Week 1

I am an older woman and it is not easy for me to lose weight anymore.  High protein used to work for me but no more!  I now know that it was not a smart idea to follow high protein diet as it impacts your bones (your health is more important then your looks!).  However the damage is already done.  I do not want to lose weight fast as i have mature skin with less elasticity

I started my diet yesterday.  I intend to eat veggie only for two days a week

Day 1:

Breakfast – Bell Peppers (I think!).  I told you, i have hypothyroid symptoms..  i cant remember what i had for breakfast yesterday but i know for sure i had some vegetable in raw form

Lunch – Fried Okra in Olive oil with garlic and cumin seeds

Dinner – Grilled Broccoli.  I sprinkle salt on it and put it in toaster oven

Water – 8 glasses

Exercise: Bikram Yoga (As i have open pores, I was reluctant to try hot Yoga initially.  However i have found that if I put mud mask right after the hot yoga, it closes my pores).  Another benefit  I felt was some tightening of skin.  It could be my imagination but i feel the skin under my chin is somewhat more tight.  My relatives who are much older than me who live in a hot and humid climate have a much better skin then me.  I assume that the hot weather and sweating makes skin better.


Day 2:

Breakfast: Grilled Brocolli

Lunch – Salad with Lettuce, broccoli and Spinach.  Some dressing.

Later afternoon – One avacado

Dinner – One avacado

Water – 6 glasses

exercise – Brisk walk for 30 min




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