Acupuncture Diary Day 1

Day # 1 – 07/12/16

Trip: I went to City Acupuncture Circle in Washington DC last week for my first appointment after seeing excellent reviews on it.  The building is a bit hard to find and the elevator is a typical elevator of an old building with a guard rail and a door that you need to close and open yourself.  I was a bit concerned about using the elevator but as the office is on the 5th floor and i had no intention of climbing the stairs i took it.  I tried calling the office from downstairs following the instructions on the door to enter but no one picked up.  I had their phone number so i ended up calling them from my cell phone and Sarah (The acupuncturist) picked up.  She told me to call again and it worked the second time.

Acupuncture:  I told Sarah about my benign thyroid cysts and their size and the hypo thyroid symptoms i have been experiencing.  My symptoms are extreme fatigue, weight gain and extremely slow metabolic rate.

Treatment:  Sarah put three needles in my wrists and three in my feet and let me lie down for an hour and a half.  As it was very early in the morning there was only one other woman patient in this community clinic where several beds are setup in one area.  The needles are very thin and sharp.  I only felt a bit of discomfort in my left hand. I had a bit of pain in that location for a day or two.  I have been told to have 6 – 8 sessions to see results.  We intend to see improved symptoms.  I may go for an MRI to check the size of the cysts after the treatment.  My thyroid levels btw are fine but i seem to have the symptoms of hypothyroid.

Next week my appointment is with a different practitioner.


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